Deep Analytics Rich Data

A comprehensive analytics suite driven by AI. Combining search engine results page (SERP) ranking reports for you keywords, recordings of your website visitors activity, in depth SEO audits, and predictive insights, we give you a complete web based SWOT analysis. Every mouse movement, every mouse click, every page scroll - everything. In order to make informed decisions for your business, you need the best in class analytics.

  • Visual Heatmaps: Scroll Maps, Click Maps, Behavior Timings
  • Realtime Engagement: Event Driven Chat, Content Decision Tree
  • Competitive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis
  • Traditional SEO, SERP Reporting
Deep Analytics

AI Insights Realtime

AI Insights

What if you could figure out not only what your visitors are clicking on, but what they are reading and looking at? Our AI Insights Engine can do this and more. Using time tested algorithms and the latest in machine learning, Reactor2 not only drops this information off at your doorstep, but guides you on how to implement changes to your content to that will result in a better user experience.

Content Intelligence Rank Higher

Every business competes for the attention of their prospective customers. Gone are the days where a great article laced with short tail and and long tail keywords gets you content ranked higher. While those things are important, end users now expect to deeply engage in content to decide if your solution will work for them. What is equally important to engaging content is adding a level of intelligence to your content that can determine for itself (with your guidance) what kind of visitor it is dealing with, what their needs may be, and ultimately what content to display based on those metrics.

Content Intelligence

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